Last weekend, I, James, and about 850 others headed to Devonshire Square where we channelled the spirit of the late great Roy Castle and took part in a world record attempt.

We were trying to beat the record for the most Ukuleles played at one time by exceeding the previous record of 401 people, set in Stockholm in 2007. I already had a ukulele, and James’s friend B—, who was also taking part, lent him her old one (a pink flying V!).

The song for the occasion was the Beach Boys’ Sloop John B, played twice through to make it over five minutes long as required by the record. It’s a very easy song to play on ukulele, consisting of just three chords (C, G7 and F).

And we broke the record! All 851 of us. It was captured on video; see if you can spot me:

We should get certificates in due course. However, it doesn’t look as if the record will stand for very long: there’s another record attempt in Chicago in August. Maybe we’ll have to come back next year. Just please, no more Sloop John B. I’ve heard and played enough of that song for a while!