I’ve received many comments and emails asking why it’s not possible to download Heroes with my downloader. Several people have hypothesised that it’s due to the age restriction. It’s not: in fact, it’s possible to download other age-restricted programmes without any trouble.

The answer is simple. Downloads are done by spoofing an iPhone, but Heroes is not available for iPhone:

We now have the rights to offer Heroes on BBC iPlayer. However, there are some restrictions, which means we cannot offer downloads, and we cannot offer the Sunday repeats or BBC3 ‘Look first’ broadcasts.

This means that we cannot offer Heroes on Virgin Media, Wii and iPhone and iPod touch. We are aware of demand so there is no need to contact us about this.

Officially, you can’t download the iPhone version, so it’s amusing to see that used as a reason. Perhaps I’m partly responsible for its unavailability to iPhone users!