There was a definite George Romero moment in the London handover segment of the Olympic closing ceremony, so I just had to mash it up with an actual zombie movie soundtrack:

Update: I had uploaded the video onto YouTube, and was hosting it there. After only an hour, and about 60 people had seen the video, I received a nastygram:

NBC Universal (Sports) has claimed some or all visual content in your video The Closing Ceremony of the Dead. This claim was made as part of the YouTube Content Identification programme.

Your video is no longer available because NBC Universal (Sports) has chosen to block it.

Oh yeah? What’s NBC Universal (Sports) got to do with anything? I got the video off the BBC. Fuck NBC Universal (Sports), and fuck YouTube. I’ll host it myself.

Update 2: Yes, I was a bit angry when I wrote that. I’ve calmed down now! I’m still a bit peeved at how swiftly YouTube capitulate to bogus requests. No one’s threatened me or asked me to take it down from here so far.