I’ve released a new version of iplayer-dl and the GUI downloader with a few fixes and enhancements. The principal improvement is the use of a new source for programme information since the BBC discontinued the old metadata URLs. I also took the opportunity of a trip outside the UK to work out how to return a more useful error message in that situation.

The change list is as follows:

  • The old metadata files are no longer available. The programme name is now fetched from a newer source.
  • Show a more helpful error message if the user is outside the UK.
  • Programme title for creating subdirectories wasn’t determined correctly.
  • (Console) Progress line didn’t work when the filename was too long.
  • (Console) In response to a request, it’s now possible to specify the PIDs to download in a separate file via the --pid-list or -l option.
  • (GUI) The program won’t die if it can’t find its icon.

Here are the goods: source release and Windows GUI.