Archive: 2008-05

  • Mashed 2008

    I’ve signed up for Mashed—the event formerly known as Hack Day—in June. Unlike last year, I actually have a clue what to expect, so I’ll be prepared.

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  • How dedicated are the spammers?

    I feel dirty. I’ve been hacking with PHP today, a language which objectively sucks, but which is used to write the platform on which this site runs, a job which it does pretty well.

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  • Technology and its consequences

    I spent yesterday at the geeKyoto2008 conference in London. It was a small, intelligent affair, based around the question, We broke the world. Now what? I’m not sure that it answered the question, but perhaps that’s reasonable: if a hundred or so people could fix all the world’s woes, we might be further along the road to a solution than we currently are.

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