Read this chat with the 14-year-old responsible for TeenWag:

uncov: how do you chat without vowels
do all your friends do this?
Teenwag: wat du men viwelz
like in english
i dunno
u chat funny
ur spellin iz so diff from my friendz
i guess u must b ateast 20+
they let us do sms in school

Then again, maybe the Youth of Today aren’t really so different. The current top five stories on TeenWag are:

  1. Kate Moss Panty See-Through
  2. Asia’s Breast Secrets..
  3. Lindsay Lohan: Naughty Nipples
  4. Sexy Indian Desi Shakin’ and Topless in Movie Clip
  5. Hot Miss Universe 2007 Swimsuit Round Pictures

It looks as if 14-year-olds are interested in the same stuff today as they were back when I was that age!