We don’t need totalitarian governments anymore. The ignorant masses are now paranoid and stupid enough to do it themselves.

The men, British citizens reported to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance, were taken off a Monarch Airlines flight from Malaga, Spain, to Manchester, England, Wednesday after other passengers became alarmed at their behavior and demanded their removal.

The men wore leather jackets, regularly checked their watches and appeared to speak an Arabic-sounding language, London’s Mail on Sunday reports.

Apparently, their suspicious behaviour included:

  • Being brown
  • Speaking in a foreign language
  • Wearing jackets

Of course, there was nothing to it:

The men – reported to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance – were taken from Wednesday’s flight ZB 613 and questioned but were allowed to fly back to the UK later in the week.

Perhaps the two men should count themselves lucky. In London, wearing a jacket and being ‘foreign’ can get you shot seven times in the head at close range.

What a horrible world we’ve got ourselves into. And I mean ‘we’: the problem of terrorism is dwarfed by our increasingly absurd and counterproductive response to it.