I got my first piece of comment spam today. Predictably, it was for dodgy medications.

Since I’ve been noticed by the spammers, I’ve implemented a simple system that ought to limit their future activities. I’m not going to give away all the details (I don’t want to help them too much!), but I will point out that it won’t tell you if your comment was rejected; it just won’t appear in the page. Please send me an email if a legitimate comment doesn’t get through.

Coding PHP is horrid, though—and it gets more painful the less one does it. Perhaps it’s about time that I restarted working on a Ruby engine for this site. I’ve picked up a lot of experience in my present job about web development in Ruby, and I have plenty of ideas for enhancements that I’d love to try out.

I just need to sit down for a couple of days and concentrate on it—finding that time is the hard part.