My redesign is progressing very well. I’ve spent most of my free time over the past few weeks working on it, and I have a full redesigned site running on a test machine at home and almost ready to go live. I’ve even managed to fix most of the Internet Explorer bugs that are inevitable when designing a website with modern standards (by which I mean ones that are seven years old).

I still have to:

  • Tidy up the new content.
  • Organise link redirection for everything that has moved.
  • Move it onto the new server.

That’s not too much, really, although I’m beginning to flag. It’s a lot quicker to make a new website than it is to move an old one. Even though I don’t insist that everything is exactly the way it was, I still have plenty of fixed ideas that it has taken me some time to implement.

I’m setting myself a completely arbitrary target of 1st August to get my renewed site online.