I’ve been remiss in writing the final chapters of my travelogue since getting back last Thursday. I’ve been eating and sleeping a lot; it seems that I have a lot of energy to recover. The story continues...

On my last full day in Seoul, I took advantage of better weather to visit Insadong again. It’s full of touristy shops, which isn’t necessarily bad, except that it’s all a bit generic. In spite of that, I had an interesting time. I purchased some postcards and retired to a café for some restorative caffeine and a cake whilst I wrote them.

My next planned stop was the Seoul Tower, a broadcasting tower high above the city with a commanding view of the area. In order to get there, I had to get to Myeongdong, which is conveniently near the Central Post Office. At least, it used to be. After some effort, I found the post office. It’s a building site, although in a few years it will once again be a post office. Allegedly.

Despite the post office disappointment, the Seoul Tower was relatively easy to find, even if it was a steep 600 m hike uphill to get to the cable car station. From there, though, it was straightforward; the cable car runs every ten or fifteen minutes and takes only a couple to reach the top of Namsan—the base of the tower.

Even on the inclement day when I visited, the view from the tower was impressive. Seoul is an enormous conurbation, surrounded by equally vast mountains. You might be able to get an idea from my photographs, although the lens doesn’t really capture the true enormousness of the city.