My mother found an old document, and I’ve scanned and reformatted it as a web page, keeping to the original format as closely as possible (old-fashioned semicolon spacing and all)—all with XHTML+CSS. It’s about my great-grandfather and great-great-uncle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne–based wood and stone carvers, and gushing in its praise of their work. I’m not sure exactly where it came from; the page I scanned was reprinted from an original article from 1934, but was obviously somewhat newer.

I have done little processing to the images other than descreening and resizing them; scratches, dust and marks remain un-mended.

Here it is, complete with understated title: Graceful and Animated Sculpture: Inimitable Carving in Wood and Stone. My great-grandfather, I am led to believe, is the man in the centre of the fourth picture.