I must confess to being fascinated with North Korea—not, I hasten to add, as a place I’d like to live, or one whose politics I share. Rather, I just think that it’s a very, very strange place.

Stranger still, however, are those Westerners who follow the North Korean ideology. I’m wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a capitalist running-dog, but I can’t see how anyone could describe the situation in North Korean as an advance over... well, anything, really.

The Songun Politics Study Group is a hilariously misguided group, but don’t take it from me; here it comes straight from the donkey’s 1 mouth:

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

The Songun politics of Comrade Kim Jong Il, often lovingly revered as the army-centered policy, solidifies the single-hearted unity and death-defying spirit of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in its anti-US showdown. Furthermore, by correctly applying Juche to the military sphere, placing priority in ideological work, and making no illusions to the nature of US imperialism, the Songun politics of Marshal Kim Jong Il correctly places the gun before the hammer and sickle.

On the other hand, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for anyone who can write something like this:

Solidarity with Korea Against the Murderous Clown Rumsfeld

The international Terrorist Donald Rumsfeld, a diease [sic] and pestulance [sic] onto mankind, on his recent visit to south Korea, pledged with Cho Young-kil, of south Korea, to continue US imperialism’s military assault on Glorious Songun Korea. Under the absurd pretext of the " north attacking the south” [sic], Rumsfeld again reinterated [sic] the US [sic] hostile stance towards the DPRK, and even went so far as to threaten to Nuke it. The US, is a barbaric nation, hated by the whole-world’s [sic] freedom loving masses. That the US imperialists murdered millions and millions of Koreans, in a more horrific way, that [sic] even Hitler would hoped [sic] to achieve, makes this a very grave and deplorable threat. Woman [sic], children, and other non-combatants were literally tortured and killed by these punks, and yet still defeated by the will of the whole Korean nation led by President KIM IL SUNG.

“Murderous Clown”—I like that one.

1. Roast donkey is reported to be among Dear Leader Kim Jong Il’s favourite foods.