I found it in the free newspaper this morning, but I haven’t seen this news item anywhere online. Apparently, the Turkish government are to present a parliamentary bill seeking to introduce a new national currency to replace the absurdly cheap lira, the butt of many jokes:

“Le gouvernement turc a présenté au parlement un project de loi visant à supprimer 6 zéros de la monnaie nationale...pour lutter contre l’inflation...”

From metro, January 21, 2004. And in English:

“The Turkish government has presented to Parliament a bill seeking to remove 6 zeros from the national currency to fight against inflation”

The article goes on to mention that the largest denomination in the new currency will be 100 new lira as compared with the current largest note of 20,000,000 lira. In case you were wondering, the current exchange rate gives 1 Turkish lira as equivalent to €0.000000594495 or US$0.000000750514. I wonder how children buy sweets when the price requires a mastery of six- and seven-digit numbers! Perhaps Turkish schools start teaching big numbers early.