My favourite Belgian company names to date:

Rents office space. “Only 1.701m² remaining,” they proclaim, not realising that the period has a different meaning in English that makes their offices seem really, well, coffin-like.

I don’t know what “scaff” is. It’s probably short for “scaffolding,” but it sounds like an unpleasant residue of some kind. “The residence was home to some two hundred felines. When officers entered the building, they found it knee-deep in scaff.”

From the same root word that brought you such classics as coprolite (fossilised crap), coprophilia (a particularly distasteful sexual preference), coprophagia (take a wild guess!) et al, this company gets its name. Well...not quite. It’s really just an unfortunate combination of the first syllables of the full name: “Compagnie de Protection des Bâtiments.”