I’m now in my third week of my new job in Brussels. Although the two languages of the city are French and Dutch, my work is done entirely in English and Japanese. That’s good since I’ve forgotten a lot in French (although I am confident that I’ll get it back with regular exposure) and I’ve never been able to speak Dutch. My employment contract is in Dutch, though I don’t think there are any nasty surprises hidden away in there. I hope.

In three weeks so far, I’ve been programming in PHP, using a bit of SQL, tinkering with HTML, setting up a server and researching DRM. And using a lot of acronyms.

It’s interesting so far, and everything’s going well. With any luck, I should get paid soon.

Today and tomorrow, I’m visiting Amsterdam on business. Yes, my first ever business trip. I’ve never been to the Netherlands before, with the exception of Schiphol airport. I’m looking forward to it, although I’m not looking forward to sitting in a car for three hours to get there.