I’ve been busy.

I’m moving out of my flat tomorrow afternoon, so I’m struggling to finish off the last of the preparations. It’s hard work.

I went to Korea, specifically to Seoul, for three days last week. That was very interesting, and I’ve got plenty to say about it, but it’ll have to wait until Monday evening at the earliest.

I’m working for two days next week, a special one-off job which I don’t really want to do (two half-days, but far off so it takes up a whole day at a stage when I would rather have time than money), but agreed to do anyway, for various prosaic reasons which I won’t bother to detail here.

I’ve got a job. After leaving Japan, that is. I met the boss of the company for lunch yesterday (he was over here for a business trip) and it all went splendidly. I’ll be working in Brussels, doing various computer- and web-related development stuff. The scope of the job is fairly broad, which I like.

With that brief update of the last week’s events, I’m going to bed.