I had quite a surprise when I checked Stuart Hughes’ website at lunchtime:

Congratulations to Paul Battley for ’fessing up to the real attraction of this blog. He says it’s “sobering” (fair enough), “heartening” (maybe), “honest” (I try my best) and “slightly voyeuristic” AHA! — BINGO!!!

As I suspected. It’s blogging as Reality TV — you don’t want to admit you’re enjoying it but secretly you just can’t help yourself. How will Stuart cope with life as an amputee? Will he ever walk again? What will he step on next? Tune in and find out. I’m like an episode of Big Brother, only with a few missing toes.

Not that I have a problem with it. If I minded I’d keep my thoughts to myself rather than splash them all over the web.

Linked by name from a popular weblog—I feel like a proxy member of the blogerati. Does it count as fame or infamy, though?

Having been linked, I really wish that I’d got further with my redesign last weekend. I’ve been working on it for a long time, but I’m getting much closer to changing over. I’m bored and dissatisfied with the old layout, as might be expected after a year of operation. I bulk-translated the old diary entries to Blosxom format over the weekend in preparation. However, I still need to do a bit of hacking on Blosxom to enable it to display things exactly as I’d like. As for the design, that’s going to be similar to what you see on my news page, but with a red, orange and grey colour scheme rather than blue and white. I also have to fix the CSS irregularities that mean that the menu displays clearly in Opera but is an unreadable blue-on-grey in IE. Ultimately, it should be faster and prettier.