I have to go back to work tomorrow. After three days off (today being a holiday) it seems so unappealing.

Still, as someone firmly in the bottom income bracket, I was heartened to see the results of the BBC National IQ Test:

non-earner         107
below £20,000      104
£20,000—£30,000  101
£30,001—£50,000   99
£50,000 +           93

Does it prove that work is for mugs, or that intelligence is a financial disadvantage in modern society? I’d like to say the former, but I fear the latter might be more accurate.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, if you wanted to know how to say SARS in Japanese—though I’m sure you didn’t—it’s 急性重症呼吸器症候群 or kyūseijūshōkokyūkishōkōgun. It’s a mouthful in any language. No wonder everyone says “SARS,” even here.