I really wonder why the United States’ massive detainment of foreigners in a camp in Cuba isn’t more controversial. Have we all just forgotten about it? The Supreme Court has just disavowed responsibility.

So...remind me again: on what basis are these people being held? More than that, though, is there any reason why they can’t be held within the legal system, rather than extraterritorially in an enclave in a country with which the US has no diplomatic relationship? Are they really so especially dangerous? They aren’t Marvel superheroes, after all.

However, it is now beyond question that the US Government has little interest in international law, let alone in the appearance of legitimacy and fairness.

The comments of Donald Rumsfeld that “obtaining a second UN Security Council resolution is important to UK” make clear by omission the fact that such a resolution is not important to the US.

As if we didn’t know that already...