This is the one hundredth entry on this page, so it’s something of an anniversary.

My latest job has come to an end, which makes me unemployed, I suppose. I think “between jobs” is the accepted current euphemism, however. Call it what you like; I’m going to enjoy my holiday.

There’s an article on Slate complaining about the poor quality of British books. Or is that English books? The writer doesn’t appear to be able to differentiate, switching between “Britain” and “England” only, it seems, to avoid repetition.

Surely it’s not that difficult to tell the difference? If the author spent as much time reading books as he does buying and shelving them, this simple concept—no more complex than differentiating between California and the USA—might become clear to him. Might I suggest an atlas to start with? Or perhaps the always useful CIA World Factbook.

In spite of his lax geography, however, he makes an interesting point. And maybe I shouldn’t complain too loudly. After all, writing about subjects I know little or nothing about constitutes a large portion of this website!