I think that I have just read one of the most irritatingly stupid things ever:

According to the Sun:

Two major brewers are putting up wholesale prices and others are set to follow.

The move by Coors and Wolverhampton & Dudley means brands such as Worthington, Carling and Grolsch will rise up to 4.7 per cent—over twice the rate of inflation.

And with landlords keeping their profit margins, industry experts expect drinkers to be saddled with a rise of ten to 15p a pint.

The firms blame the rise on spiralling advertising costs and having to plough cash into creaking pension schemes for their workers.

Spiralling advertising costs? Are these people on crack? Just stop spending so much on advertising, you fools! Allow me to paraphrase:

It’s costing us so much trying to persuade you to drink our products, that we are going to have to raise the prices in order to be able to afford to get you to drink them.

Huh? Of course, they’ll probably have to start a campaign persuading potential customers that these drinks are worth the extra money, paid for out of the price increase!

Why do these morons even exist?