The weblog. Blog, if you will. It’s so of the moment. Everyone’s got one these days, and some people even update theirs regularly ;-) It’s nice to see doing something fresh with the format. Plan B is a blognovel, apparently; an experiment in writing. I love the author’s writing style—kind of reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s work, which I really enjoy. It’s only just started, so it’s hard to say how it will turn out, but it’s got my attention.

Back in meatspace, my idleness continues. I’ve started to try to get everything ready for my imminent departure. Next Wednesday. It’s really hard to believe that it’s coming up so soon. Booking my ticket, organising my visa, all the preparations were done so far in advance that it never really seemed more than a dream. Now, at last, reality is biting, because I realise that I only have a few days to prepare. I’ve got a friend coming to visit for a couple of days, which makes time even more scarce.

My job interview is coming up, too. I really hope that this works out—I think it will, because it seems to be a symbiotic arrangement. They need someone, because they lost an employee, and I have the visa and permission to work. I need money... The pay’s good, and I have a couple of days off a week, which two things together mean that I can afford to enjoy myself and explore the mysteries of Japan still further.

I’ve found a useful application for my Visor which is really going to help me out in learning Japanese. It’s a flashcard program for portable devices. I’ve been going through some exercise, and realising how many kanji I’ve forgotten, even some really simple ones. Quite depressing, really! There are some weaknesses in the software, and although I will probably register it after it expires (it’s quite cheap) and keep on using it, I’d like to work on my own. It’s not complicated, after all—I wrote my own once! If I could get all the compiler tools set up for Palm OS development, I’d get started, but it just won’t work for me...

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the Turkish Market in Brussels. Not sure what that’s all about, but we’ll see. Makes a change from my usual habit of sleeping all morning, anyway!