I’ve made a lot of progress today. I’ve populated all the sections, and it all works as expected. I’ve added functionality as I’ve gone through, to match the features I needed as I put the pages in. I specifically added bulletted lists, inline image support, and file downloads today. It’s really coming along.

I tried running the page through the W3C HTML Validation Service, and it gave me a huge list of complaints relating to its inadequacy as XML. Strange, I thought this was an HTML validator, I said to myself. Well, by putting the correct DOCTYPE bit in the top, I successfully validated the front page as HTML 4.01 Transitional! Most of the more complex pages are still beset by errors (mostly to do with nesting of H1, UL, OL etc. elements in paragraphs). At least I know what is going on. I need to write a more robust parsing engine for my ez_html routine, rather than the three nested layers of kludge that it is at the moment.

My CSS is also officially valid.