Well, I’ve even persuaded Internet Explorer to work properly, so let’s see if utf-8 lives up to its promise. If you can’t read the bit below, that means that you probably don’t have Japanese fonts installed on your computer. Actually, I should say if you can’t see Japanese characters...maybe you can’t read Japanese! The bit below that, in French, should have accented characters. If those don’t appear correctly as well, then your browser probably doesn’t support utf-8, and you might consider upgrading if you can.


Voici un petit essai pour voir s’il est possible d’employer les chiffres accentées. Est-ce que ça marche ?

More assignments
I’ve found out the time of my demonstration/presentation tomorrow (for my computer vision assignment). 11am...not too bad. I think I can probably make it out of bed by then! I just hope that my presentation is the kind of thing they are looking for. I mean, we didn’t exactly get a lot of guidance. It should go OK, because my program (a) works, (b) is optimized and (c) I’ve prepared a presentation. The only problem is that I don’t have any objective results. There are metrics for image quality like MOS (mean opinion score) but I’m not sure I can use that to get any meaningful information.

I have actually got quite a lot to do this week, which is beginning to get scary. Project Open Day on Friday (mostly just some kind of publicity event, as far as I can tell) which doesn’t require too much preparation. Then I have the Project Seminar on Monday, when I have to convince an audience of my coursemates that my project is valuable and worthwhile, and that I have done some good work. That could actually be tricky. Finally, on Tuesday, I have to hand in the write-up for the Computer Vision assignment. I’m going to wait until I’ve got some feedback on my presentation first, for maximum economy of effort. I don’t want to waste time writing something they don’t need.