Archive: 2002-04

  • More IE weirdness

    I think that I’ve managed to fix the strange behaviour of Internet Explorer. What it was doing was, when it loaded the logo images for the first time, it stole space from the blank table row below. Reloading the page fixed it, but I really want it to work first time. I’ve replaced the blank 20 pixel row under the logo with a
    tag. We’ll see if that works.

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  • Monday morning

    Well, I’ve even persuaded Internet Explorer to work properly, so let’s see if utf-8 lives up to its promise. If you can’t read the bit below, that means that you probably don’t have Japanese fonts installed on your computer. Actually, I should say if you can’t see Japanese characters...maybe you can’t read Japanese! The bit below that, in French, should have accented characters. If those don’t appear correctly as well, then your browser probably doesn’t support utf-8, and you might consider upgrading if you can.

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  • Random information

    OK, I know that this site doesn’t look like much at the moment, and there’s nothing to see, but I’m getting there! I haven’t got the styles to work exactly how I want them yet, but I’m not far off.

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