Archive: 2011-06

  • Recreating Club-Mate

    I first tried Club-Mate at Metalab in Vienna in 2006, but I hadn’t drunk it again until I was in Berlin last month for Euruko 2011, where it was freely available. Over the course of a weekend, I grew to like it. It’s a German soft drink brewed from yerba mate, and it’s popular with hacker types in Germany. There is a UK importer who sells it by mail order, but as it’s a bit expensive and inconvenient, I thought I’d attempt to recreate the drink.

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  • Lie down with Adobe, get up with a broken cross-platform strategy

    I’ve said in the past that I think the BBC’s approach to cross-platform support is flawed. In summary, instead of using non-preferential open standards and protocols1, it relies heavily on a single supplier—Adobe—to support multiple platforms. It turns out that relying on Adobe for cross-platform support is not a very sensible thing to do.

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