Yoghurt piracy

You will need a wide-mouthed insulated flask (actually, a normal one will do, but you might have trouble getting the yoghurt out afterwards), a saucepan, some milk, and a small sample of the yoghurt you wish to pirate.

Warm the flask by filling it with freshly-boiled water.

Heat milk to just below boiling, then allow it to cool to about 40C. If you don’t have a thermometer, just let it cool to the point at which you can comfortably hold a (clean!) finger in the milk.

Mix in a spoonful of the source yoghurt—a whisk works well.

Empty the flask of boiling water, fill it with the milk and yoghurt mixture, and screw on the cap.

Leave the flask for six to eight hours; I prepare it before bed and it’s done by breakfast time.

Although this is an analogue process, there’s very little generational loss: you can use the second-generation yoghurt to inoculate the third, and so on yea unto the N+1th generation.

Incidentally, if you think describing this as ‘piracy’ is ridiculous (and it is), you should read about seed piracy.

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I think there’s a general human tendency to try to control others. It’s something to be deplored and resisted, but it’s always there. We see it in the school prefect or the inept manager, misusing their power, but we also see it in programmers and their unstinting efforts to impose order on a chaotic word. It’s a tragic and ultimately futile errand, but one that seems to be strangely seductive. Join me on a voyage into the mind of such a programmer. More…

The sound of one person chatting

When you log into a Campfire account, you end up in what they call the Lobby, which shows you who is currently online in each room.

If there are three people, it says “3 people currently chatting”. If there’s one person, it says “1 person currently chatting”. More…

The right to fall in love

As the British political and media machinery do their best to whip up hysteria over the extension of free movement rights to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens, this seems like an excellent time to point out a right that those migrants have that you, dear British citizen, do not: the right to fall in love with anyone. And it’s all because of the demonisation of immigrants. More…

Leaving Stripe

I just realised that last thing I wrote on here was that I had a job. That was six months ago. Well, I don’t have one any more: I left last week. More…

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