Archive: 2008-08-24

  • The Olympic Closing Ceremony of the Dead

    There was a definite George Romero moment in the London handover segment of the Olympic closing ceremony, so I just had to mash it up with an actual zombie movie soundtrack:

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  • Up-to-date ffmpeg on Ubuntu Hardy

    The Ubuntu repositories will give you a crippled, antiquated version of ffmpeg. Here’s the latest in my occasional series of explanations of how to get a newer, better, more full-featured version.

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  • Everybody Samurai Sushi Geisha

    There’s a great single from (I think) the early 1980s, by a Japanese band called 米米CLUB (Kome Kome Club). The track is ‘Funk Fujiyama’, and the lyrics and accompanying promo video take a humorous look at foreigner’s ideas about Japan (and at their attempts at speaking Japanese). I find it laugh-out-loud funny, and although some of the humour is lost if you don’t speak Japanese, the refrain is mostly comprehensible in English (the third line translates as Hello, Goodbye, How much does it cost?):

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