Archive: 2007-10-06

  • Freeview channel icons

    I wanted to have some up-to-date channel icons for my MythTV interface, so I scraped the Freeview website last night. Each icon has had any surrounding white border removed, and they’ve all been composited onto a solid white background. They are also all square, to limit distortion. The sizes vary depending on the original, but most of them are 50 to 80 pixels on a side.

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  • MythTV vs BBC Radio multiplex changes

    The BBC have rejigged their DVB-T configuration, with the result that, as of Wednesday, Radios 1 through 4 stopped working. They did broadcast warnings in advance, explaining how to rescan channels to continue to receive those stations. As is often the case, doing things with MythTV turned out to be a little more complicated than with bog-standard consumer receivers. I can’t be the only person to have been affected, and I hope that this solution will help.

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