Archive: 2004-10-13

  • EuRuKo 2004 Part I

    Other people have written detailed accounts of what went on at EuRuKo, so I’ll, er, leverage their effort by skipping the minutiae here. Nonetheless, here’s a quick run-down of what happened on the two days.

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  • Spamanoia

    If you’ve had enough of poorly-targeted h3rba1 v!agr4 and breast-enlargement spams, I have bad news. Even the paranoid are now turning to bulk email to get their incoherent rants across to a wider audience. The following excerpts are from a very long message posted to the ruby-talk mailing list. The mailing list addresses the Ruby programming language, which makes this message extremely off-topic!

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  • Apple update

    After my latest bad experience with Apple, I sent an email to MacInTouch. I’m gratified to see it posted on their report today:

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