Archive: 2003-06-07

  • Koi

    An illustration from my collection. I drew this a long time ago, but just rediscovered it.

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  • Public Transport

    It seems like something always happens on my journey to and from work, and Friday was no exception. I walked from school to the station with one of the pupils, who was also heading that way to catch a train to go to “juku” (sometimes translated as “cram school,” it’s a kind of extra school that some children attend a couple of times a week to study more. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea and the hallmark of excessively pushy parents’ vicarious ambitions. As if school wasn’t hard enough already! I’m sure that those pupils work harder than I do).

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  • Designer Religion

    There’s a company here in Japan that sells designer Buddhist altars and equipment (the small bowls, incense holders, and so on) and who advertise this fact very widely.

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