Archive: 2003-02-23

  • Embarrassing Mistake

    I’ve been sent a new certificate to say that I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It turns out that they had used the wrong characters to write “Osaka” (the test location). They had printed 大坂 instead of 大阪. It’s not very different, and I certainly didn’t notice it when I was checking the important stuff like my name. Although those characters have also been used historically to write Osaka, they are considered incorrect today.

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  • The Duct Tape Drum

    I looked at the empty roll of duct tape sitting on my desk and thought that it would made an excellent drum shell.

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  • Web Hosts That Suck

    I can’t do anything because my web hosting company has let the disk fill up yet again. Some space has opened up, enough for me to complain.

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