Ruby nopaste utility

Ruby, cross-platform

When discussing programming on IRC, it is common to use a “nopaste” site to exchange code snippets instead of dumping them into the discussion. This over-engineered Ruby program automates this process.


You will need to make it executable on unix-like systems. For Windows, you’ll need to add .rb to the filename, I expect.


  1. gongadze

    Wrote at 2005-12-04 00:03 UTC using Opera 8.51 on Windows (?):

    If I try to upload files by typing in command line:
    % ruby nopaste.rb -n gonga – Type Control-D to end.
    Hello, hei
    Standard input =>
    Ctrl-D did not work
    In windows ctrl-Z is the winner :]
  2. gongadze

    Wrote at 2005-12-04 00:25 UTC using Opera 8.51 on Windows (?):

    Here is my patch file to debug your upload-script:

    > PROXY = “”
    < h =, uri.port)—-
    > proxy =URI.parse(PROXY)
    > h =, uri.port,,proxy.port)