The sound of one person chatting

When you log into a Campfire account, you end up in what they call the Lobby, which shows you who is currently online in each room.

If there are three people, it says “3 people currently chatting”. If there’s one person, it says “1 person currently chatting”.

Screenshot of Campfire Lobby

Well … that’s correct, insofar as person is correctly (or at least conventionally) pluralised to people, but I’m not sure that one person on their own can ever properly be described as chatting.

It amuses me every time I see it, but it also shows how hard it can be to communicate the state of a system. One can be right and still somehow be wrong.


  1. Richard Stobart

    Wrote at 2014-05-10 09:20 UTC using Safari 9537.53 on Mac OS X:

    Isn’t a blog post that is not being read just one person chatting?