Ruby propaganda

Thanks for stopping by, but please look at the date at the bottom of this post and read this update before you flame me. It’s really old!

In order to make sense of this, you need to know that Ruby and Python are computer languages that have quite a lot in common. Although Ruby is much more popular in its native Japan, Python is better-known in the west. Ruby’s popularity has been growing recently, thanks to some decent books and tutorials becoming available in English.

I was inspired by this piece of Python propaganda to make one for Ruby. I found the perfect remixing material in a North Korean propaganda poster.

So, with tongue in cheek, here it is:

Ruby propaganda

Update—Here are some bigger versions by popular request:

Guido, by the way, is Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python. I don’t have anything against him, honestly—even though I drew him crushed beneath a giant snake!